New Musical Excess: Part 1

I have lots of silly ideas when it comes to music. Some of them work, some of them fail miserably. But, hey, at least I gave them a try. Continue reading


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No laughing matter

Some of you may be aware of the comedian Jim Tavaré, it’s less likely that you’ll be familiar with the work of Sid Bowfin. You needn’t worry, unless you’re Jim Tavaré, as it’s basically the same work. Continue reading


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Anyone but morons

I’m not a big fan of sport, anyone that has seen my sexy body will confirm that. Equally, I’m not a fan of idiotic xenophobia. I fully understand friendly rivalry, I despise rivalry that is based on lazy stereotypes or 300 year old fueds. Continue reading

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Vapid vapourware

Remakes, reimaginings and reboots tread a fine line with people’s cherished memories of TV shows, films, comics and now video games. Duke Nukem Forever – formerly associated in the games industry as being the embodiement of vapourware – is one such example of this. Continue reading

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Tis true my form is something odd

As everyone else in the country watched BGT – the talent/freakshow of the 21st Century, I watched Meet The Elephant Man on Channel 4, a documentary about a man who knew all too well about the horror of the original Victorian freak shows.

John Merrick, or The Elephant Man as he was named for stage, is widely thought to have been afflicted by Proteus Syndrome which causes the skin and bone to grow at excessive rates. In the 1800s there was nothing anyone could do about this and Merrick was doomed to a life of exhibition and ridicule. Continue reading


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Cadbury’s hate black people…apparently.

I’m not going to start this blog with some witty intro.  I’m just going to come right out and say it:

Dear Naomi Campbell,

I am pretty sure Cadbury’s didn’t have race-hate in mind when they used your name in an advert for a chocolate bar.  They used your name because you are world-famous for being an arrogant, overrated, violent “DIVA”.

Yours with much eye-rolling,

Hannah Renowden Continue reading


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Adele, she’s taxing enough at the best of times.

I’ve never been a fan of Adele. Actually, I can safely say that i took an instant dislike to her before she’d even released anything. She was featured on an MTV2 show where they were showcasing new talent, one particular sound in the performance was like nails on a blackboard to me. It wasn’t her voice, it was her guitar. Continue reading

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